i-trainers offer intuitive computer-based training that allow self-paced learning and are also available for download, adding convenience and flexibility. For product-specific i‑trainers, click on the Download i-trainers icon on the QS/1 Customer Support Center home page.

Training Workbooks
Training workbooks provide staff with additional product references and can be used to train new employees. When adding new QS/1 software products to your existing pharmacy or home medical equipment (HME) business, or training a new employee, training workbooks are available for review on-line or can be downloaded for printing. These workbooks were developed to be used as aids during initial training. Although they are not meant to take the place of product training, they can be used to train existing staff on additional tasks and best practices and also provide new staff members with that same knowledge base.


VidTips are short videos that share tricks and tips on ways to better use your software. In conjunction with QS/1 Webinars, VidTips will help you learn more about your system and how to use it more efficiently. This library also includes videos on various topics that affect the healthcare industry.


Webinars detail enhancements in each Service Pack. Click a product name or click Webinars Archive for past releases. Webinars can be accessed from the secured QS/1 Customer Support Center home page, as well as through NRx®, WebConnect™, and PrimeCare® GUI, SystemOne® GUI and Point-of-Sale GUI Help Centers. The webinars are available 24/7, giving you and your staff the flexible opportunity to watch them whenever it is convenient.

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