Upgrades are important components of maintaining your success. QS/1 frequently reevaluates the functionality of each system to ensure your needs are being met as your operation grows. QS/1 Upgrades focuses on hardware and the operational side of your business. Our Upgrades department can help you with your hardware needs. Call 800.845.7558, extension 1412.

Hardware Store
Customers who purchase equipment via QS/1's online store receive a 10% discount. Visit the online hardware store to purchase barcode scanners, signature capture devices, document scanners, monitors, printers and more.


QS/1 offers many programs that add value and strength to your business, improve patient care and workflow and also strengthen your bottom line. In addition to services developed and supported by QS/1, we also partner with various third-party service providers that offer programs to assist with everything from pricing and rebate programs to adherence and business-intelligence solutions.

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Product Web Help

QS/1's web-based Help files offer up-to-date information and expanded details on system functions. Along with training and procedural information, helpful tips are included to provide the details needed to complete specific tasks. To access the Help Center within your software products, click Help and then Help Center from the main menu. To access the Help Center on qs1support.com, click QS/1 Product Help and a product name.

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